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directors commentary script.

Connor: Hello, my name is Connor, and i am the Director for "Bubble Pop". the video, is inspired by the club atmosphere, the drinking, the partying, an teenage laughter.

interviewer: the video looks fantastic. I've got a few questions for you. firstly, what have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Connor: well, when we showed the video to our target audience , i as the director gained a lot of feedback from the audience. this included a insight from the viewers of what they liked about my work and what they didn't like about the concept, narrative and overall presentation. a significant thing i learnt was that my work was incredibly presented as a video and matched the genre of the music as well as the editing which contrasted with the overall performance of the video to achieve the best it could possibly be, however i believe there is room for improvement as i learnt, that some of the shots were edited very fast which some people did not like however majority loved.

interviewer: How Effective is the combination of your media product?

Connor: i think the combination is highly effective. the reasons for this is that alot of work was put into the video to make the editing stand out with the given scenario which was of course a pop, loud and club inspired video. the combination of our video works well together with the magazine advertisement and CD cover as we have influences from the music video which we applied onto the CD cover  and magazine advertisement . we achieved this by working on the editing in photo shop to create a chilled back CD cover with a essence of RnB as a editor and director i had the responsibilities to make sure all the combinations were effective and did work to make the whole package on the whole to work well. the mise-en-scene played a huge part to make the combination work because the video i produced, goes with the style of the CD artwork.

interviewer: wow what great feedback. sHow did you use your technology skills?

Well, we worked with the video on Final-Cut express which made it easy for me to cut, edit, and transform the video to what it is today. I used filters on most of the shots, because i felt they were too dark to begin with. I cut most of the shots, and edited the lip synching to fir the music. i also used Photoshop to edit the magazine Ad and the album artwork. I used effects to make the back and front of the album cover look similar.

Interviewer: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

connor: well, my video, uses similar shots and effects to match the conventions of a normal club video. The video follows the conventions of things such as the mise en scene because it is shot outside a building we used as a club, and shot in a dark room, which follows the conventions of a dark, dance sequence orientated video. The lighting in the video is significant to making the video feel more of a club friendly video, with flashing lights, bright glowing headlights and dance costumes.

Interviewer: thanks for your time, Mr connor lenton

Evaluation Continued


What Have you learnt from your audience feedback?
i feel i have leant that our video works very well, and that the whole sequence works well with the music, and fits into the genre of music. The video is dance orientated, which fits in with the dance feel of the song.
How Effective is the combination of your media product?
The combination works well between the video, the album cover and the magazine add, as the same effects were used on photoshop to mix the video and the artwork. The effects used replicate the darker shots created in the music video.
How did you use your technology skills?
We used photoshop, and  final cut express to edit and create our video. Final cut was used to upload the clips, edit them together, and create our video, by mixing shots, effects and the lip synching to make it work.
in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
our video labels up to the conventions of a normal video because it is dark and suits the song. The video fits into the style of the video and works well with the music to make it seem more realistic.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Media-Fathima begum

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
 As a group we had great feedback from our class. However we also did have small criticism as usual which is normal and also an inspiring thing as it is important to know what your audience think of your work. We learnt that we had to slow it down as it was rather fast for some people however most people argued that was the most significant reason for our video working so well. We also learnt that we used great performance skills however we should have created a storyline of some sort to make it more sensual and maybe appealing. From audience feedback we also learnt that we could of used more colours or people in the video however we dint not take this feedback into consideration as majority of the class mentioned on the whole it looked very good as it is and changing it in any form may break down our theme and main idea of the video.
How effective is the combination of your main product?
The combination of our chosen music and video is very effective as both the music and the performance of the video works well including every beat of the music and every scenario and shot change in our video. It all gelled together and ass a whole it looked professional due to the editing and video filters we chose. It was also effective has we had a lot of performance in our video we also chose a shooting place which was very simple yet effective to work with. This was the dark room. The dark room helped make our video effective as it helped bring in the dark atmosphere and it also helped lighting stand out creating a very sexy vibe which ‘Rihanna’ pulls of in all her videos. We did not want to shoot in a place were it was obvious that we were filming in college as that would break down the imagination of the audience from a studio professional work to college work. We therefore chose the back of our college gym. This helped bring in the combination of the main idea of our product which was a dance pop music video inspired by Rihanna.
How did you use your techno skills?
We used our technological skills in a way most professionals do. This included a high amount of research into the music industry and mainly our music artists ‘Rihanna’ we had to  make sure our work did not look like student work as this would make our video look very cheap and look like we have not put enough effort into we therefore made sure we used filters on our video that were completely tones down in colours contrasting with the hue in the editing and colour balance helped us achieve the overall mellow dark majestic club theme atmosphere which in many cases of videos our artist does have in her videos.
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Conventions of real music videos include the use of close up shots of the artist's face.
Other forms are the use of filters when editing the video footage; these filters helped the overall video look more professional.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Magazine Add

This is our magazine add. We used effects again to edit the advert and included social link and record labels.

Friday, 18 November 2011


This is our final digipack that is included with our video. Before this we made several alterrations to several images to find the best looking one.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Class Feedback on our video

Once we showed our video to the class, we received feedback. Of the things people commented on, were that the video fitted the song we had. They also said that the effects fitted the song and worked well,  and the filters made the video look more professional. They also said the lip synching worked well, and the cutting of the shots worked well. They also said there was enough footage for it to work well
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